Potential subdomain activation warning when running Multi-DB

May have found a potential bug - would like some feedback.

Am running a fresh sandbox Multi-site install with Multi-DB plugin & Multisite privacy plugins running.

Wordpress version 3.8.1 - running subdomain installations.
Latest versions of both plugins (as of 04/2014).
PHP version 5.4.24.
MySQL version 5.5.34-cll-lve.
SSL cert on main domain.

The issue I'm seeing is this:

1. User creates subdomain site and chooses just to receive the site.

2. User then waits for activation key via email.

3. User clicks on activation key, is returned to the subdomain site and the activation is complete.

It is this activation page that there is a PHP error thrown up:

The PHP Error: "Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/public_html/wp-includes/ms-settings.php on line 111"

Line 111 is:

if ( empty( $current_blog->site_id ) )
		$current_blog->site_id = 1;

I'm assuming this error is created by the fact that the subdomain site has not yet been created when the activation link is sent. The reason I say is, is because by simply removing the subdomain from the activation link within the email eliminates this PHP error and still allows for successful activation.

I have seen some other users posts on this forum that have experienced the same problem. This is a solution, but not a permanent one as it involves editing ms-functions.php - although you could add a fix to your themes functions.php

The error appears to be harmless, but would still like to hear peoples thoughts?