PPV option for advance, realtime and subscription sales of a live-streamed video embed.

I am trying to create a complicated ppv solution for a live-streamed performing arts festival and am having a challenging time working out how to utilize wpmu plugins to achieve my goals...

This is the first ever live-streamed performing arts festival. There are 23 separate ppv live-streamed programs which will be facilitated via a simple live video embed. People can buy one show for a micro-payment of $2.50 or the whole festival for $40 and I need to offer a discount for the whole festival pass as well...so in short I need to facilitate advance sales, real time sales, coupons and subscriptions for a live-streamed video embed.

The ppv plugin will work for realtime views, but not advance sales.

I can't suss out how to use marketpress to facilitate page or video embed access rather than downloads or products purchases.

I am currently working with membership which is a clunky solution requiring more than 23 subscription levels and then 23 subscription options, but will, I think, allow users access only to the page that their subscription level permits ( which then requires "program" in the festival to have it's own own page)

Would so appreciate anyone's insights into a better solution.



  • Mason


    The Pay-per-view plugin operates with one, specific premise: pay and view. There's no scheduling or ability to purchase items in advance to view them at a later time.

    So, yes, you can use pay-per-view and give them indefinite access so they can just revisit the link when the event is live, but it's not really an "advance" sale and you still need coupons and full-access purchase.

    As you've noted, Membership can take care of all of this for you. Yes, you'd have to have separate levels for each event, but it does give separate access, coupons, and a full-access option.

    Since this is a live, scheduled event you could also consider our Events+ plugin. Events can be RSVPed and there's even an add-on to redirect to a new URL when the event goes "live". It also has the advantage of having some nifty calendar layouts for displaying your different live streams.

    The Events plugin, however, does not offer coupon codes and you'd still want to use membership for that all-access pass.

    Finally, you could use MaketPress to provide payment for individual live streams. Just put the individual live stream URLs as the download links. This will give you coupons, and individual purchases and then you'll need one Membership purchase for full access. Note that Membership can't give access to MarketPress purchases so you'd need a separate page(s) for embedding all live streams for full-access customers.

    Obviously, you've got a lot of advanced needs here and I've seen several threads on this. Let's keep things consolidated (no new threads on the same topic) so that we know what solutions have been offered and hopefully future folks with similar requests will be able to more easily come to a conclusion themselves.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further!

  • kathrynjones

    So - i played around with Events - and it looks it could work -but was running into some payment issues and at this point i've invested so much time into building out the membership platform that I'm going to stick with that. I'll see how it goes and perhaps next time try events...

    and- as these things sometimes go - you unwittingly solved my all access membership problem - the live stream is a single embed- and to limit access to the other programs we will have to manually embed the video on each membership level page just before the event starts - but I simply created a separate page for the all access pass and that embed will simply stay visible all the time... so thank you!

    so now my only major issue is coupons - because they are not working presently in membership (per barry in the live chat this am)- so have to figure out how to use marketpress to create a coupon for the all access level....

  • kathrynjones

    It seems that using marketpress just for coupons is way too complicated a solution, and coupons are not working in membership until the next update - so I thought perhaps the solution could be a private membership level - so i created a new level, gave it the correct access, made it private - but I do not see a link when i hover over the subscription name, as the manual said I would ( i see the subscription id number) and am unclear how i facilitate the sign up form the manual refers to which the manual says i must send them through invitation - does the sign up form require an additional plugin? and where do I find the url?


  • kathrynjones

    so i am going to answer my own questions in case anyone is following this thread... when I hover over the subscription option i see the subscription id number - when I add that to the end of this url -[siteroot]/?action=registeruser&subscription=[id#] I have the url to the subscription which I can now make available to selected folks- that way I can facilitate paid discounted subscriptions until the coupon functionality is fixed.

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