PPV option for advance, realtime and subscription sales of a live-streamed video embed.

I am trying to create a complicated ppv solution for a live-streamed performing arts festival and am having a challenging time working out how to utilize wpmu plugins to achieve my goals…

This is the first ever live-streamed performing arts festival. There are 23 separate ppv live-streamed programs which will be facilitated via a simple live video embed. People can buy one show for a micro-payment of $2.50 or the whole festival for $40 and I need to offer a discount for the whole festival pass as well…so in short I need to facilitate advance sales, real time sales, coupons and subscriptions for a live-streamed video embed.

The ppv plugin will work for realtime views, but not advance sales.

I can’t suss out how to use marketpress to facilitate page or video embed access rather than downloads or products purchases.

I am currently working with membership which is a clunky solution requiring more than 23 subscription levels and then 23 subscription options, but will, I think, allow users access only to the page that their subscription level permits ( which then requires “program” in the festival to have it’s own own page)

Would so appreciate anyone’s insights into a better solution.