PPV with Gravity Form post-form

Hi all,

I’m trying out PPV as a Pay-to-Post solution as described here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/plugin-suggestion-pay-per-post

This is mainly because I really don’t want to shell out an additional $149 to upgrade my GF license required to get the PayPal addon :slight_frown:

Everything works smoothly with PayPal sandbox enabled: user is redirected back to the page upon payment, content is revealed when payment confirmation button is clicked, transaction is recorded in the backend, etc.

The only problem I have now is trying to figure out a way to prevent users from revisiting the same content once the Gravity Form “Submit” button has been clicked, and the user is redirected away from the page. In other words, I need a way, if possible, for the PPV cookie to be cleared once the GF form is submitted. Otherwise, users can abuse the form by making multiple posts until the cookie expires.

To see what I’m trying to do, see the the form page here: http://etcemall.com/feature-your-store/

…and the results of form submission at the top of the homepage here: http://etcemall.com

Anyone have any ideas, or alternate strategies that could be implemented?