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WPMUDEV: When I first joined wpmudev I was disappointed on several fronts and was outspoken about it. Responses to my complaints were (paraphrasing), "We're working on that", "There should be an update to that soon", "I'll ask the developer." It felt a bit rag tag and made me uncomfortable relying on you in any capacity.

Well you hear that a lot with incomplete or troubled products and services - even from very large companies. So after a while those kinds of responses start to translate into something like "Too bad, sucker; you bought it now!" When this happens, as often as not the promised changes are discouragingly slow, if they happen at all.

Well I really have to say that was not the case with WPMUDEV. The measurable improvement in your overall offering - particularly the website documentation, demos, and the code itself - as well as your consistently timely, professional, and meaningful responses to people's support requests is nothing short of remarkable. I'm glad I stuck around for the transformation and felt inclined to say so.

I appreciate being part of the community here and look forward to what's to come as you continue to mature and improve. And in that vein, I would submit that user interface design might be a next area of priority. In the time I've been here you have already made some headway in this area, I just think that in many cases the user interface (front and back end) does not properly represent the hard work that has gone into the plugin's functionality.

Anyway, just some thoughts...

And since this is a support forum, let me close with a question:

Is there some hack or work around to now add multiple domain names to a sub-site? Seems like I already di this through the interface once, but it may have been in the instance where the first domain name had not validated... I really don't recall.

Anyway, thanks in advance for clues.

  • Anang

    Hi @Webmaster

    Thanks for contacting us and really appreciate your good words to us :slight_smile: Always happy when we hear an happy member give such a really nice testimonials. We always try to improve our product quality and supports, time by time so we can made member happy and satisfied, even we always have limitation to achieve that, but that limit exist only to be surpassed anyway :slight_smile:

    So about your problem :slight_smile: are you want to made and point to ? Do you want to maintain the domain name and permalink ? ex : and will show the same content ?

    If yes, domain mapping already capabilities to map multiple top domain to one sub domain. But you may consider multiple website address that contain same content is bad for SEO. You can read here :
    The only safeway is using 301 redirect :slight_smile: If you're using Cpanel, you can follow the step here :
    So basically you setup one of your domain with domain mapping, and redirect the other one via Cpanel. ex : mapped to using domain mapping, and then you redirect to using cpanel.

    Let me know if you need any help :slight_smile:

    Best Regards

  • Webmaster

    Yes, the sub-site would show the same content under all domain names added to the domain mapping interface - permalinks and all. What I am looking to do is essentially the same as a parked domain name - only on a sub-site.

    In doing that, you can usually just add a DNS entry of the real website's IP address or enter a CNAME entry and that's that. With multisite, your panel (whether CPanel or Plesk) does not have the domain name listed as a site that you can alias. Of course it wouldn't, because the multisite install is the only place the domain name is registered as a stand-alone entity (by use of a domain mapping plugin).

    So if you had a sub-site setup in a way that was useful for many domains (for example, a site that said "This domain name is for sale!") then you can have the sub-site display under any number of parked domain names - SEO be damned. You cannot accomplish this with a redirect.

    At which point my original request stands:

    "Is there some hack or work around to now add multiple domain names to a sub-site?"

    Thanks -

  • Anang

    Hi @Webmaster

    We can apply multiple domains to one subsite in Domain Mapping. Also we can select the redirect type we want ( redirect to main domain or just maintain the domain). Here are the steps to add multiple domains in subsite :
    1. Go to subsite Dashboard
    2. Go to tools - domain mapping
    3. Enter your first domain on "Map New Domain Name"
    4. Click "Map Domain"
    5. Log out your Dashboard.
    6. Log in to your Subsite Dashboard and go to Domain Mapping menu again
    7. Add your second domain on "Map New Domain Name"
    8. Click "Map Domain"
    9. And Front end redirect should be: "Disabled and entered domain should be used"

    Hope that help, and let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

    Best Regards

  • Webmaster

    You know, I may have started bragging on you guys too soon...

    No worries, here's the solution:

    If you want to map two or more domain names to a multisite network subsite, you may find that once you map the first domain name to your subsite the "Map new domain name:" interface disappears (whether you log in and out or not). In fact, this will always be the case unless you do this first:

    (1) Go to your multisite Network Admin interface and look under the "Settings" menu item;
    (2) Locate and click the Domain Mapping sub-menu item;
    (3) Select and look under the Mapping Options tab;
    (4) Find the "Allow multiple mappings per site" section, and;
    (5) tick the check-box next to "Allow site admins to set multiple mapped domains"

    Once you do this, the "Map new domain name:" interface on your subsite (located under "Tools" and then under "Domain Mapping") will no longer disappear after the first domain name entry, and you will be able to add the additional domain names you wanted for that particular subsite.

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