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Good Morning... I building a multisite LMS that teaches students how to build their own website. When students are going through the web page and content creation stage, I've noticed many students are coming short on the content creation. Like 1 to 2 sentences. As a result, when we attempt to style their pages, they look very generic b/c they don't have any content to style. This causes students to be demotivated b/c they don't like what they see.

My question, is there a plugin available that allows you to import pre-built layouts with mock data? I want to import the sample data and already pre-built layout... not attached to a specific theme... This way, I can have these sample layouts imported into the students sites.. and all they have to do is go overlay with their correct content, but the layout is already there. I'm looking for creative layouts, and not just linear designs. Does this type of plugin exists?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Vea,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I must say that I'm not aware of any such plugin, if I understand your goal correctly. What's especially puzzling me here is that statement: "pre-built layout not attached to a specific theme". This doesn't sound quite WP-standard so I believe I may be missing something here. Could you explain it a bit more please?

    We do however have a plugin that may be of help here. Our "New Blog Templates" is a plugin that - on MultiSite setup - lets you build a "ready to use" site. The way it works:

    - you create some sites, including enabling and configuring templates, selecting and configuring theme and even adding content
    - using the plugin you set it as a "template"
    - upon new site creation user is able to choose from available "templates" and his/her new site will be built out of this template meaning it will be exactly the same.

    Site owner will of course be able to adjust/manage the site the same way as always. Would that work for you?

    You'll find New Blog Templates here:

    Best regards,

  • Vea
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for quick response. It sounds like the New Blog template is the way I will need to go. Just to provide additional clarification to your question here:

    ..... "What's especially puzzling me here is that statement: "pre-built layout not attached to a specific theme". This doesn't sound quite WP-standard so I believe I may be missing something here. Could you explain it a bit more please?"

    Usually when you purchase most themes, you can also import the data, to create the sample pages that were displayed with the theme. For instance, the Kleo theme.. here are some example layouts I like:

    I like these content layouts. As it stands, if I want to use these layouts in one of my sites that doesn't use the KLEO theme, I either need to recreate them myself, or purchase that theme. I was wondering if there was a plugin that existed, where it can create sample content page layouts, similar to ones above that's already "pre-built" into the plugin.. where the Headers, rows, columns, titles, tabs, etc. where already laid out.. and you don't have to purchase a specific theme to get layout. The plugin just imports different types of page layouts.

    It sounds like this isn't available, but I wanted to address your question for clarification.


  • Predrag Dubajic
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    Hi Vea,

    Content layouts is the content entered by you/user in WP post/page editor and that's basically the same for the each theme, it can be changed with some CSS but there are some standards that most of developers follow.

    However what is different from theme is the page layout, for example sidebar position, and this will depend on the you're using and the templates the theme comes from.

    So what you can do is import Content but can't import Layout.
    But as mentioned above, Content layout can be affected by theme as well, depending on the CSS used.

    The pages you are referring to above are specific to KLEO theme and probably Visual Composer or similar page builder.
    So creating something like that would require at least page builder for both you while creating the page and users that are importing it.

    If you don't want users to install additional stuff you will need to create your own content using only HTML and that can be imported normally.

    Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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