pre-made Upfront designs by the dozen

On the WPMUDev UpFront sales page you have written

To help get you going, our crack design team is on the streets knocking out beautiful pre-made designs by the dozen - just check out just some of the ripsnorting starter designs! And we make more for members on demand!

I see 5 themes which is hardly by the dozen.

What is the process for your group to make "more for members on demand!"


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello @Biz Builder Mike,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Currently there are 5 Upfront-based themes, indeed. That's not that many but please take into the account that this is a relatively new tool. Of course 5 doesn't make a dozen at all but I'd rather think of a "dozen" as a way to outline the fact that we're constantly working on and adding new themes to the poll. We've started with 3 of them only, now it's 5 and I'm sure sure it will be not 12 only but many more.

    As for "making more for members on demand". I apologize for confusion that this may caused. We're not creating any themes "on demand" in terms of "custom services". However we do create them by following members suggestions. So, there's a "Features and Feedback" section on our forum where members of the community share their ideas and suggestions with us and our designers and developers read them carefully in order to make new themes responding members expectations.

    I hope that explains things a bit :slight_smile:


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