Pre-paid clients on Appointments+ Plugin

Hello, I have just started the 2-week trial period for this plugin and I have one major issue. I am developing this appointment system for a language school franchise which has up to 100 bookings per school (10 schools atm). I would like to know whether the following feature can be added: user logins (for the students, not just for the teachers providing the service) as they pay for their courses upfront (in the schools) and purchase 14, 16, 20 etc. classes at a time, which they can then book, choosing the time and day for each of these paid classes. So I would also need a certain amount of paid credit for each student (the classes) and an expiry date (as they have x amount of months to complete each pack). Is any of this possible?
Thanking you in advanced, Best regards, Sara

  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey there Sara Chaar,

    How are you doing today and welcome to the WPMU DEV community :slight_smile:

    Unfortunately current version of Appointments+ can't handle this setup out of a box, you'd either have to use combination of different plugins or achieve this with custom coding.

    For front end login there are many plugins that would allow you to do that, for example our Membership 2 does have front end login via Widget that you can place in your sidebar or on specific page via Membership 2 shortcodes.

    You can also use Membership 2 integration with Appointments plus so users that are members of specific membership (you can add your students manually) have discount when booking a class (effectively not making them pay anything), and even set those memberships for finite amount of time so they wouldn't be able to access booking page after "x" amount of days.

    However, there is no option to limit number of bookings for those users so this part would have to be custom coded.

    Also just want to point out this since you're mentioning 15-20 bookings, Appointments+ allows you to book only 1 slot at the time which means student will have to book the each class separately.

    Please let me know if you have additional questions.


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