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Would anybody have a suggestion on how to pre-populate the blogroll links so that new sites have the links I want, rather than the default WP links? if I need to edit core pages, which page am I looking for?

thanks, Ted

  • drmike
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    Greets and welcome to wpmudev.

    We call them the default blogroll. (edit: Which someone has already added as a tag....) You can find a plugin here that allows you to create a starting blog and have it;s features, including blogroll, copied over when a new blog is created:

    I believe the New Blog Defaults plugin does this as well although it doesn;t specifically state so so I may be wrong:

    If you google for "wpmu default blogroll" you should see a lot on this subject.

    Hope this helps,

  • jabbermonkey
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    Hello, just wondering if there is a plugin solution for this request. Something which targets that section and nothing else? I am going to try the template creator, but if I give users a large choice of templates, then how does the template creator address this issue for say, the entire Farms_133 Themes Pack?

    I've been doing some reading and it looks like each template has to be hardcoded? Hopefully not.

    As far as rebranding, it's only logical that the default blogroll be eligible for customization by the site-administrator prior to a new user creating a blog. Otherwise, the new blog will most likely forever keep those references to WordPress.

    At least for myself, I'm trying to create a website that offers simplicity for users who have little knowledge of websites. I like to let them set up a blog without extra content or links that have no revelancy to their subject matter, and then let them work with the Easy Blogging (or advanced admin) to build up their blog.

    Thanks guys -

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