Premium Blog Template Feature Request


I love how New Blog Tenplates work.

However, I would like to monetise it for blog template creators on my network.

I am seeking advice from the dev from NBT or Marketpress or Pro Sites.

The idea:

A subsite owner modifies their upfront theme until it looks beautiful. Then click submit template. The super admin reviews the new blog template submission and approves it. It then becomes a premium template that people can select during new blog signup.

Monetisation Option 1:
The premium templates are part of a Level 1 Pro Sites upgrade in order to access.

Monetisation Option 2:
The new blog template is technically a Marketpress product saved as a draft at the subsite. Once approved, the NBT Premium addon recognised the premium template and lists it in the signup page. When the new blog owner signs up they add it to their cart and checks out. Through chained payments the template pays X% to the super admin and X% to the template designer.

Any further info on the best way to design this would be greatly appreciated.

Is their scope for this to be an addon for NBT?