Premium MU Plugins

Can we have the auto upgrade plugins feature in the Manage Plugins for the administrator? It is very tedious to check regularly for the premium mu-plugins we have installed from this site. Thank you.

  • Ovidiu

    just a quick question: will this plugin jsut check the mu-plugins folder for files present?

    or will it actually check what plugins are loaded?

    asking cause I have an admin-plugins folder, that loads plugins only in the back end and a my-plugins folder that only loads its plugins when on the main blog...

    so if your plugin will only check the mu-plugns folder, I might have to move stuff from my-plugins to normal plugins and only activate on the main blog, no idea about the admin-plugins folder though :slight_frown:

  • drmike

    Really shouldn't be downloading or installing blindly into a live install anyway. I'm still amazed there wasn't a very loud outcry when Automattic put that out from the hosting community. There's major security risks involved in doing that. Sure we do it with yum direct to a server environment but at least there's multiple people involved double checking things before it goes out to svn.

    One of the things I've suggested previously is to set up a wiki somewhere with the name of the plugin, the version number, any notes of modifications you're made and a link to the plugin's home page. That way when you update, all you do is run through that list doing right click -> Open up in a new tab to check where things are at.

    This is how we manage 71 different software platforms and keep things straight between me, our help desk folks, and our volunteers. Makes that part of all this very easy. :slight_smile:

    I'll even take a picture of our WPMu page which is currently a mess:

    (Or I would if I could log in.)