Premium plugins and pro-sites

As far as I understand it, the way pro-sites works with premium plugins, is that the levels are a heirachy. i.e. If I assign a premium plug in (call it PP1) to Pro-level-1, then PP1 is available to pro-level-2. Did I get that right?

So if I have two different plugins PP1 and PP2 which both have an equal value and do a different task I can’t set it up so that PP1 is available for $5 or PP2 is available for $5 or both are available for say $7.50? Am I right? Is there a way of achieving this scenario with the exsting functionality, or perhaps a little bit of tweaking?

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hey there,

    That is how Pro Sites work, it’s a hierarchy. If you choose a level to have access to some plugins, all the levels above it will also have access automatically.

    About what you asked, that is not how Pro Sites can work. You can either offer one plugin, or offer both of them at a combined cost. Not both of them separately. sorry.


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