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First of all, Hi guys, iv been around a year in WPMUDEV/WPMU community, silently reading a lot planning my first commercial MU and finally i found the time to start my project. So i have lot of questions but i figure, i will ask them as they happend on my configuration. Today i have my first one. :slight_smile:

Is there anyway i can sell premium plugins beside the packs i offer on the levels of Pro Sites plans?

Im not the best english speaker so bare with me... Lets say, i have 3 Levels Basic, Premium and Pro. Each level got a bundle of plugins and themes build for that Plan, simple. Now, if a client is on basic and want marketpress and is just for Pro, that client would have to upgrade form basic to Pro. ok thats simple, thats how Pro Site premium plugins work, i got that and im building that part just fine. Thats not the question. I have several plugins i baught with dev license to some freelancer, and it was really expensive because was some special request functions of mine because i want to sell them foward as a product. How could i integrare this part? im thinking in a way to display this plugins lets say just like when someone have a lower Pro sites and the plugin page say (upgrade to Pro to activate this plugin) well lets say it said instead of that string, it could say ($100 1payment, or +$10 to your currently monthly plan). So the person just paid for that module by 1 time fee or monthly attach to his Pro Site Monthly membership with lets say $10 more. Or should i make levels and levels of different plans? i already have 6 levels (3 basic, 3 business) and sometime i think if i dont work this out fine could turn overwhelming, so in base of that, the idea of keep making levels could turn confusing and hard to decide wich plan at the end the clinet would pick.

anyway, then i taugh, im bothering too much, i could just use marketpress or anyother ecommerce solution to sell them apart. But maybe wont be that smart, i really dont know yet. Why im bother, because it would be nice if i or someone figureout a way to sell individual (separatly) plugins for functions out of the Pro Sites Plans but i would love to see in the Account Page the info or log of that separate premium plugin.

Thinking in an example from the top of my head, how envato display each plugin before you pay on the front end and on the backend after you paid. Doesnt have to be like that, thats just thinking a bit bout functuonality.

well, i hope you get me. thnx in advance, loving every minute i config my MU with ur help guys =)

  • Tom Eagles


    That's an interesting idea, outside of selling it via marketpress then installing it for them I am not sure its possible as only superadmins can install plugins anyway. The only alternative as you mention is via the premium plugins assigned to levels but as you mention if you have several of these plugins to offer it could get quite messy very easily.

    One alternative that i could think of would be for them to sign up for one highest level that comes with a choice of x amount of your top plugins, you would then activate them as per user request.

    so for example
    ultra member level 1 +1 super plugin
    ultra member level 2 +3 super plugins etc.

    This would be probably the least confusing method. (its the way i plan on setting mine up)



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