Preparation for Protected Content plugin

Hey guys,

This is more of just a "Best Practices" question. I am going to be moving my site off of the membership pro plugin you guys have to the protected content plugin.

Are there any suggestions, warnings, best practices, tips, tricks etc etc that you might be able to offer up... if not, its all good just figured I would reach out before I start the big move/switch.



  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Hodge!

    I'd just recommend the basics, same as adding any other new plugin.

    1. Take a backup, including a backup of your database, before you start, just in case.
    2. Do a little housekeeping and remove any unused plugins and themes you don't need.
    3. Optimize your database with a plugin or PHPMyAdmin, to remove any overhead.
    4. Make sure all your plugins, themes, and WordPress core are updated to the latest versions.
    5. Sketch out a plan of how you want your memberships to work.

    From there, I think you'll find it very easy to get Protected Content up and running. It's a great, intuitive tool, I think you'll really enjoy it. :slight_smile:

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