Pressgram: An Image Sharing App Built for an Independent Web (WORDPRESS)

Greetings members and staff,

Browsing entrepreneur sites, i stumble into this site, and i though so passionate about this idea that i wanted to share it with the best WordPress community on the web, first thing is i will delete instant-gram hehe, they wont be making any more money from my pictures!

Pressgram the idea of this app is to use it like intangram but instead of driving trafict to their site you will drive traffic to your site, or personal blog, or personal photo-blog private with just family or just have the cool pictures on your IOS device no need to publish it to a blog if you don’t want to but i love the idea of total control of your own pictures and no one getting profit from your personal stuff

Taken from the kick star proyect, anyway check it out! lots of videos there explaining.

Imagine complete creative control and publishing freedom with the ability to publish filtered photos directly to your WordPress blog!

Wanted to share it with you all