Pretty Plugins as a front-side marketing page?

I'd like to display the pretty plugins output on the front-side of my main site, as a marketing page. Anyone have ideas for a script I could put into a page template to do this?

  • Alexander

    Hi @xbladerunner,

    For this you'd need quite a bit of custom coding. Pretty Plugins has it's own theme system. You can start from the default theme "quick sand"

    You would need to integrate that HTML and CSS into your theme as a new template.

    You'd also need to provide the plugin data for the template. You can use the main pretty plugins instance to get a list of plugins. For example, you could add this at the top of the template file:

    global $wmd_prettyplugins;
    $plugin_categories = $wmd_prettyplugins->get_merged_plugins_categories();
    $plugins = $wmd_prettyplugins->get_merged_plugins_custom_data();

    You could also use print_r to output the array contents to the screen for you. Then you could just declare plugins as a fixed array in your template instead of needing to generate it every time someone accesses that page on your front end.

    These are just a few ideas. Overall it's going to take quite a bit of custom coding and experimentation.

    Best regards,

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