Pretty Plugins is not pulling images from

After activating the setting that Pretty Plugin should pull the images from nothing gets pulled! Looks actually pretty awful!


  • Andi

    HI Jude

    Access is granted so you can check.

    I inserted that line and it looks that some images more got displayed but by far not all. Especially not those from wpmudev!

    I have set Select Where Plugin Link Points To = custom and if not existing than original
    I tried all other settings to but actually nothing changes ;-(

    Auto Load First Screenshot = false
    Auto Load Screenshot With Correct Name = false

    also here actually does not matter if true or false - makes no differences!

    Auto Load image = true

    128x128png =

    256x256png =

    which is much clearer and nicer
    64x64png (only as a counter check) =
    nothing gets displayed as nothing is there

    so I assume that the other links which don't display are simply wrong!

    Therefore it would be adviced to have a hierachy

    if exist 256 in custom folder pull 256 from custom folder
    else if exist 256 on wpmudev pull 256 from wpmudev
    else if exist 256 on pull 256 from
    else if exist 128 on wpmudev pull 128 from wpmudev
    else if exist 128 on pull 128 from
    else if exist any screenshot in that folder from wpmudev pull that one
    else if exist any screenshot in that folder on pull that one
    the links look like that


    or the not showing appointments - as it is perhaps not on

    this is an url of a wpmudev image which displays in dashboard - pretty different!

    and complete inconsistent in naming!!!

    which looks very uncoordinated and unprofessional sorry when saying this like that but that is what our devs told us here

    They are pulling from different folders, different dates, with even different names why don't you simply have in each plugin an icon image which gets displayed placed in its root folder or a consistent named subfolder called icons/icon-256x256png, icons/icon-128x128.png etc.

    This would make things much much easier as the plugin folder in a Wordpress install is always the same and can be defined by a path segment. The plugin name is the same and so all images wold simply be found on the site where the Wordpress install is located. Many other CMS actually do exactly this with their icons for the plugins.

    It is actually NOT the api which makes problems but the way those plugins got organized and especially in what folders and how that folder and the plugin icon is named.

    You should simply standardize that!

    this is by the way the plugin appointments on and its ending is not .png but .jpg

    Tada the appointments plugin shows its image same coursepress and some other wpmudev ones
    $screenshot_value = '//'.$plugin_path_parts[0].'/assets/icon-256x256.jpg';
    // exists!!!

    with $screenshot_value = '//'.$plugin_path_parts[0].'/assets/icon-128x128.jpg';
    also the membership2 plugin displays - but looks not good!! pixeled

    does not get displayed as it is network activated

    and in the plugins list of network the image at the end of the row is always the same

    which does not make sense at all as this would actually be the correct place to diplay all plugin images from and wpmudev like explained above.

    So I would summarize that that pretty plugin plugin is actually not working for what it advertises. It might works when you manually insert and name all those plugin images of all you plugins into a custom pretty plugin folder but that really does not make sense as it costs lots of time doing that and has no real effect - actually it probably makes support and other things even much more difficult!

    So I would suggest:
    Please contact the developer and he should check the links and especially all the different namings of images and file extensions and than he should build up a hierarchy to pull the correct images.

    Like it is right now it is actually not working and won't work as the links, the folder names, the image names etc are all different. some are .png, others .jpg some are missing as 256x256 but available as 128x128 and again other perhaps have again a different name!

    All those problems could be very easily avoided by having always the same name, always the same file extension always the same subfolder - NOT on but inside each single plugin!!!

    but even their there is no standard at all not even with WPMUDEV plugins which produces a complete chaos actually!

    is one time the folder called fundraising/img/icon_32.png
    another time it is called
    pay-per-view/images/ but it holds no icon file at all!




    and it is simply a complete chaos as even with ALL WPMUDEV plugins there is no consistency in naming folders - in having a structure - in using the correct file extensions always the same etc.

    I really would like to clean that mess up by simply working through each single wpmudev plugin and standardize its folders and names as if all WPMUDEV plugins would follow the same logic for sure others would follow and a nice side-effect is that you could easily link in between plugins without always checking where is what and how is it named etc.

    simple model view structures like they are used in Odoo, in TYPO3 and other mature CMS and ERP systems really would help also with WordPress.

    take the structure of HUSTLE as a base and add 2 more folders in root
    doc for documentations inside the plugin
    icon for the plugin icons which display on wp and in pretty plugin

    FORCE plugin authors to have ALWAYS the same base structure like HUSTLE plus those two folders available incl sub structure, provide even a base plugin with exact that structure to start now plugins - similar to what odoo and typo3 provides with i.e. kickstarter or extension-builder

    What can we earn if we clean that mess up?

    Kind regards


    Kind regards


    Kind regards


  • Andi

    Hi Jude

    It is actually not at all hard to get at least all WPMUDEV plugins working in Pretty Plugins as ONLY one folder and a file in it with constant naming and file extension would need to be added.

    AND it would not break anything at all!

    Given the fact that all Plugins have actually already such a "screenshot" "icon" "plugin-icon" or what ever you will name it available it would be done in about 1 hour of time for all WPMUDEV plugins if having access to GIT.

    Step one:

    Take all images you actually present all plugins in your plugin and Theme directory and resize them to 256x256

    Step two:

    Convert all those images to the same format i.e. .png - I am on mac and can do actually step one and two in one run!

    Step three:
    Take a filebrowser and create in each one of your WPMUDEV plugins the folder "icons" in the root folder of the plugin - that name is until now not existing - i checked!

    Step four:
    Move all images you have done - resized and converted to be 256x256.png to the correct [plugin-name]/icons/.... subfolder

    Step five:
    Now rename all of those files in the [plugin-name]/icons/.... subfolder to always the same name i.e. icon256x256.png
    as all plugins are placed in /wp-content/plugins/[plugin-name]/icons/somename.png
    you could do it via command line more or less automatic.

    find a folder like mentioned and rename the file in it to icon256x256.png

    Step six:
    Use something like PNGYU and compress all images in those plugins.

    Step seven:
    Upload all plugins again to your WPMUDEV plugin repository

    from that point all WPMUDEV plugins would have always the same icon name at the same place inside a plugin folder

    Step eight:
    Go to the pretty plugins plugin and add exactly that fact to the plugins code - like I mentioned already far further above and tada all WPMUDEV plugins would show up immediately and perfectly displayed in pretty plugins backend.

    It takes perhaps even less than 1 hour to get this done if the pretty plugin developer would modify the search where the plugin is searching for those images.

    Hopefully all other plugin authors would take an example and themselves would integrate that icons/ folder and the file icon245x56.png in it! This way you could get also all other plugins up and running in no time. As Wordpress is looking also in the Themes directory first anybody using the pretty plugin could meanwhile - as long as other developers would not have included the wp-content/themes/[themename]/[pluginname]/icons/icon256x256.png file - include that one in their themes directory and also here the pretty plugins developer could simply extend his if else clauses and say if in the wp-content/themes/[themename]/[pluginname]/icons/icon256x256.png exit take that one else look in wp-content/plugins/[pluginname]/icons/icon256x256.png else take the default image.

    To get a good folder structure up and running while adding that "icons" folder to each WPMUDEV plugin also all other folders to redoo a great unique and always the same folder structure could already be added, again without breaking stuff as they are simply not existing until now.

    docs/ so a custom tutorial could be added - again with always the same name and than read out perhaps even by an extended pretty plugin

    and the structure you have already in hustle (to name one for example) If a folder name is already existing than simply don't replace it by the new one but this would help to get things done.

    I hope that helps to get things done


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