Pretty Plugins - Pretty... but not as quick.

Quick feature request:

On the normal plugins screen, we're able to select multiple plugins from the list to activate/deactivate/delete/update/etc. While multisite users wouldn't really need to worry about "delete" and "update" really, being able to activate and deactivate multiple plugins in one command is an incredible convenience.

With Pretty Plugins installed though, the users see a grid of plugins to interact with (very pretty), but they lose the ability to select multiple plugins at a time (not as nice).

So...feature request: A checkbox in the corner of the plugin thumbnail that can be used to select multiple plugins at a time still. :slight_smile: It would really cut down on all the admin page loads too, especially on a large network with new members.

Cheers guys and gals. - Charlie

  • SooBahkDo

    I agree that this would be a nice feature addition as well.

    I find myself switching to the old plugin page quite often in order to access the bulk feature.

    Perhaps mimic the Wordpress Gallery creation feature and have each selected plugin image display a checkbox in the top right corner and then add a bulk action button to the page to activate/deactivate those plugins.

    ANNNNNNNDD while you are at it, how about add a button so that selected plguins can be saved as sets~groups~batches and given group names. This would allow multiple sets~batches~groups of plugins to be saved with names and then a plugin set~batch~group name could be selected to mark all the plugins in the group and then the bulk activate/deactivate button would work as usual on the check marked plugins.

    This "set~batch~grouping would be in addition to the existing plugin category grouping as one may need to activate or deactivate a set~batch~group of plugins across several plugin categories.

    Refer to the description and some suggested code for this powerful feature in this thread.

    Also made a case for this feature in this thread

    I have discovered that the excellent Plugin Organizer by Jeff Sterup can create groups of Plugins for quick activation/deactivation and it can do a whole lot more.

    However, the "more" features make it a bit heavy for what I prefer which is just a quick and elegant way to activate/deactivate selected groups of plugins on the plugins admin page.

    Seems like adding that relatively simple feature (at least according to the code snippets provided by another developer) to Pretty Plugins would be a powerful feature addition and a time saver.

    Thanks for considering this request!

    Phil D

  • VisionMule

    I have to agree with the others that the multiple plugin activation feature for Pretty Plugins is a must. Bring back the old school checkbox! Especially useful when multiple plugins work together.

    I'm thinking, add the checkbox in the Plugin's description area with a note next to it saying "Activate multiple". Then, when any of the Activate links are clicked, all checked plugins are activated.

    A must have please!

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