Pretty Plugins Settings Menu doesn't show up

Ran into a problem with Pretty Plugins where the settings menu item doesn’t show up after installation and activation on a MULTI-NETWORK, MULTI-SITE installation.

The problem is at line 72 of pretty-plugins.php, where $this->blog_id is tested against the static value “1” instead of using the blog_id of the current_site. Line 72 needs to read:

if( isset($this->options['setup_mode']) && ($this->options['setup_mode'] == 0 ||
($this->blog_id == get_current_site()->blog_id && $this->options['setup_mode'] == 1)) ) {

instead of:

if( isset($this->options['setup_mode']) && ($this->options['setup_mode'] == 0 ||
($this->blog_id == 1 && $this->options['setup_mode'] == 1)) ) {

Hopefully this helps someone from pulling their hair out. Perhaps something for one of the devs to push out in a future update.

(FIxed the code tags in the original… ignore the comment below)