Prevent Information Disclosure – nginx on VPS

I need to fix “Prevent Information Disclosure” according to Defender plugin but I cannot find the correct file to make the edit to. /etc/nginx/… or /usr/local/nginx/conf/.

I am using a Digital Ocean Ubuntu server setup via Server Pilot. The server is running nginx.

I am happy to give access to the server to try and find the file.

Can you help?

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello mcneela86,

    I’m not familiar with Server Pilot but I found this article about customizing nginx conf – is this what you have?

    I understand that standard locations of config files showed here

    Server Configuration

    – /etc/nginx: The nginx configuration directory. All of the Nginx configuration files reside here.

    – /etc/nginx/nginx.conf: The main Nginx configuration file. This can be modified to make changes to the Nginx global configuraiton.

    – /etc/nginx/sites-available: The directory where per-site “server blocks” can be stored. Nginx will not use the configuration files found in this directory unless they are linked to the sites-enabled directory (see below). Typically, all server block configuration is done in this directory, and then enabled by linking to the other directory.

    – /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/: The directory where enabled per-site “server blocks” are stored. Typically, these are created by linking to configuration files found in the sites-available directory.

    – /etc/nginx/snippets: This directory contains configuration fragments that can be included elsewhere in the Nginx configuration. Potentially repeatable configuration segments are good candidates for refactoring into snippets.

    are not available on your server?

    kind regards,


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