Preventing Membership Renewal

Hello all, I’m working on a membership-style site with a particular caveat:

I need to allow for a completely free, 1-day “membership” with complete access to restricted content. This doesn’t seem difficult except for the fact that by default a member can “renew” a free, finite membership which makes absolutely zero sense.

I need that “free” membership tier to offer access only for a single day and then force the member to upgrade to a paid membership to continue to receive access to content.

While I realize that there is the “Free Trial” membership add-on this is not exactly what we had in mind as it ties/commits that person to a paid membership and the trial period is not advertised or labelled except for on the checkout page.

So, the real question I suppose is how to offer a one-time, finite membership level.

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    Hello Adam, hope you're doing well!

    Out of the box, it's not possible to achieve, because the Membership requires payment upon the user signup.

    If the main issue that the trial period is not advertised, you can add this information in Membership's description:

    This way all the information will be shown on the registration page

    Otherwise, as a workaround, you can create two Membership, one free that will last one day and the other premium with no free trial enabled.

    Set the access options for free membership as follow:

    – Finite Access

    – Grant access for a day

    – After this membership ends set it to be changed to the Premium Membership

    Once the free membership will end, the user will be redirected to Premium Membership and to access it the payment needs to be completed.

    Hope this will helps!

    Kind regards,


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