Preventing Super Admin from being added as admin of blogs visited

Hi there. I've searched all over the forums and internet for an answer to this one and am stumped, so it's time to make a post. Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent (or later quickly remove) the Super Admin from being added as an admin on the sub domains I visit? Here's the situation. When users upgrade on our site there are some manual things we do to each site as well, so we have to go into their dashboards and make some changes. When we do that the Super Admin is added to the site as an Admin and thus my wordpress user bar (the one with all the quick links, etc at the top of every page) has become overwhelmingly long, to the point where the blogs go off the screen in the drop down of "My Sites". Wondering is anyone knows how to either:

1) Prevent the Super Admin from being added to the site
2) Quickly remove sites that the Super Admin is associated with

The site starts to run extremely slow as the Super Admin because everytime a page loads, the site seems to be accessing each sub-domain to pull the ICON file (for the MY SITES list) and with about 100 of them in the list, it's painfully slow. I tried to turn off the bar via preferences, but it still seems to be loading data from all the sub sites even though it's not actually showing the bar.

Any tips or suggestions would be very welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!!