Preventing Theme Detectors From Identifying Your Theme and Plugins

Dear Support,

There are sites such as wp themedetector which have the ability to identify if a site is a wordpress site, what theme the site runs and what plugins the site uses.

It is quite useful when spotting a good website and having a look to see if it is a WordPress site and what the make-up under the hood is.

Call me selfish ...... I would be curious to know how to prevent sites such as wp themedetector from identifying the WPMUDEV plugins that I use. I see it as a competitive advantage and would like to be up to me to discuss with a customer as opposed to anyone on the internet having a look.

For instance, wp themedetector tells me that you are using the "wpmudev-2015-1" theme and have 2 plugins (Wpmudev Popup Checkout and Membership Cancellation). These in my opinion should not be available for the world to see.

I'm sure you have significantly more than those 2 plugins so how are some being listed in sites like wp themedetector and yet some plugins are not being listed?

Thanks in advance for any light that can be shed on this curiosity.