Preventing User sign-up spam

I'm using the PPV plugin and it requires users to register with the site in order to grant access to content before it processes payment, but I am getting a growing number of spam user accounts being created. Is there anyway to block or protect against this?
Any creative workarounds?
The only thing I've thought of so far would be to have to register every single user manually #aintnobodygotnotimeforthat!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Don,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I took a look at your site and I'd like to clarify things a bit first. I can see that there's PPV plugin enabled and used on site and it offers two types of access:

    - "one time fee" payments
    - and subscription based access

    In both cases it's required for users to login (or register if they don't have an account) and make payment. Since you're asking about "sign up spam" do you mean that there's a lot of "spam" users account registered on the site? Do they get access to content even without making payments?

    If there's a lot of accounts registered but that they don't "override" payment requirement to access content, that would mostly mean that registration procedure should be secured. Installing a captcha plugin (such as e.g. this one: should help a lot.

    If there's some "heavy spamming" of user accounts happening, that plugin might also be helpful:

    Looking forward to your replay,

  • Don The Idea Guy

    Hi Adam ~
    Thanks for the follow-up.
    I mention the PPV plugin only as as reason that I've enabled user sign-up on the site at all (it's the first site I've created for which I've needed to allow any sign-up beyond comments).

    You are correct, the spam sign-ups are not overriding (so far as I know) any access to gated material, it's just a number of fake accounts being created and I wanted to find a way to manage them or block them more efficiently.

    I was searching for solutions while I awaited a response from WPMUDEV and just installed a plugin called WPBruiser which is supposed to help prevent these kinds of signups.