PreviouslI had a problem with Membership lite plugin

I had a previous issue with Membership lite. My webhost support team deactivated and later activated indicating the plugin was the problem. I started setting up membership, with registration page etc. Now my webhost support team tells me everything is down, can't log into WP admin (indicates account not active) Obviously if I can't get into WP dashboard I can't correct the issue. Previously I was told by WPMU support there are no problems with Membership Lite. I've sure had my share. I think there may be a conflict with WP login registration and WPMU Membership Lite registration login. I will appreciate your help!

  • Owner Finance Empire

    Previously before I became a member, I elected to use the Membership Lite version. It appeared the Lite version would accomplish what I wanted. I did intend to upgrade to full version, now the problem. Let me explain. When I try to log in to word press, it will not accept login indicating (ACCOUNT IS NOT ACTIVE). I'm unable to open Word press. My webhost support team previously indicated there is some problem with the plugin, WPMU support indicated they are not aware of a problem. I relayed that back and they re-installed the plugin. I'm not sure you have read my previous comments. The issue may be a conflict with WP login and Membership login, however, I can't get into WP admin panel. Again (ACCOUNT IS NOT ACTIVE). Any advice or help how I can get back into WP to de-active and delete the plugin. Frankly, Lite version or Full version I still have the problem. Your advice and help will be most appreciated.

  • Tom Eagles

    @Owner Finance Empire

    Many apologies for the tardy response here i had some urgent problems at home that pulled me away from dev.

    You can even disable registration (the standard wordpress) one and membership will still allow a login.

    What i dont understand here is that membership does not restrict logins whatsoever it only restricts content.

    Can you give me an update on the status at the moment please. I have tried to recreate this and simply cannot reproduce the behaviour either with the lite or full version.


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