Price not flowing through to checkout

I have decided to post another request for this as I haven't heard back on this issue since the 23rd.

I use ProtectedContent and have configured it as a PPV system. I use shortcodes to protect content on pages and users pay to view that content for 5 days. So I have multiple finite memberships to protect the content.

I have created a menu of the content and used the Buy Now shortcode to create a Buy Now button. This is the main way a client buys memberships. However, using the Buy Now short code, the correct price doesn't flow through to the checkout. I have tried all different scenarios but can't get it to change. I even changed a price on one of the products and it hasn't filtered through to the Buy Now short code.

This is a major issue for me as I need this to work correctly. Can someone please help.

Here is the other post on this