Prices next to services and setting working hours for locations?

I purchased appointments+ and have installed it and am in the process of setting it up but I have an issue where, I have different locations that people can schedule appointments at, but each location has different working hours. The only option I see to set different working hours however is for “service providers” and not for the individual locations. I could probably make the “service providers” the locations, but I’d like to utilize the “google maps” feature thats built in to the plugin for “locations” feature.

Is there any way to set dedicated hours for each location or do I have to use the go-around and make “service providers” the locations?

Also, for services it will not show pricing so customers who go to book “services” will not know how much each service costs until going through all steps which from a customer perspective, I would find frustrating. Is there a way to have a description of services pop up on the side with prices?