prices on event with membership2pro

I have installed the add-on for membership2 prices on events+ But when I type in the different prices under the event, t still only show and collect the default price for all membership levels. This worked earlier, could it have been in the membership2 or event+ upgrade that this happened? please advise

  • jan
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hey Jude.
    Even more strange is that it now works on my sandbox site, with the latest versions of both events+ and membership2pro ?? And I have done nothing different ?
    I am blank as to how i would error search then...?

    but guess it must be something on the live site, since it works on the sandbox site.

  • jan
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I created a new event, and now it works?? any who problem solved. unfortunately I dont know what caused the error. However another funny thing popped up I see the typed in start date as the end date on the event and viceversa. ?

    should I make another ticket?


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