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hi there
I've got a client who is looking to offer pay-per-view videos for their speaking events. They have members so they would be looking at a public price and a members price for each video (for each page that contains the video, basically). The members can be defined by user roles in their wordpress site.

For the pay per view plugin, I have a few questions:
1. is it possible to have this member vs non member pricing?
2. can I set a specific price for each video/page?
3. how do you recommend I'd host the video in each case? if you embed an unlisted video from youtube, the viewer can still open it on youtube and save the link. What's your favorite player for this?
4. is this an add-on to woocommerce? do you add it to a woo cart with other products? or is it like it's own mini ecomm solution and ppv in one?
5. depending on your answer to #4, this might already be answered: can i integrate with other payment gateways other than paypal?


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    Hey Isaac !
    Hope you are having a great day!

    1. It isn't possible to set up a member vs non-member pricing for Pay Per View out of the box. You'll need to use some custom coding to do such within your page/post templates. Something like this might work for you:

    if ( function_exists( 'wpmudev_ppw_html' ) ) {
            $id = 1;
            $html = '<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>';
            $description = 'Custom Description';
            $user = wp_get_current_user();
            if ( in_array( 'member', (array) $user->roles ) ) {
                 $price = '1.50';
            } else {
                 $price = '3.00';
            echo wpmudev_ppw_html( $html, $id, $description, $price );

    2. You can definitely set specific price for each page or content. For pages, please refer to the following screenshot:

    Regarding content, please refer to the following screenshot:

    3. You can hide the 'Watch on Youtube' link from the iframe. All you need to do is just add the &modestbranding=1 parameter to the iframe. For example:
    <iframe id="ytplayer" type="text/html" width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>
    Learn more about YouTube's iFrame Player API.

    4. Well, Pay Per View is not considered as an add-on for Woocommerce or any other plugins. But, it does support all custom post types and you can protect any sort of content with it. Please refer to the plugin usage guide for further instructions.

    5. I'm sorry to say but no, unfortunately, you cannot integrate other payment gateways to Pay Per View. But this has been a great feature request for a very long time and I'm sure the developers are looking into it.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any further help regarding this. Thanks!


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    Hey Isaac !
    Hope you are doing well today!

    Well, we've closed this duplicate ticket as this was already answered first here.

    Regarding the 6th question:

    6. For the inbuilt PayPal option, is that PayPal payments pro (or similar) where the transaction happens on my site? Or does this link out to for the payment, and then return to a nominated thank you page on the site?

    Pay Per View featured Paypal Express Checkout, which works in the following way (screenshot from PayPal docs):

    Please refer to this page for more info regarding this.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any further assistance regarding this. Thanks!


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