Pricing for pay-per view

hi there

I’ve got a client who is looking to offer pay-per-view videos for their speaking events. They have members so they would be looking at a public price and a members price for each video (for each page that contains the video, basically). The members can be defined by user roles in their wordpress site.

For the pay per view plugin, I have a few questions:

1. is it possible to have this member vs non member pricing?

2. can I set a specific price for each video/page?

3. how do you recommend I’d host the video in each case? if you embed an unlisted video from youtube, the viewer can still open it on youtube and save the link. What’s your favorite player for this?

4. is this an add-on to woocommerce? do you add it to a woo cart with other products? or is it like it’s own mini ecomm solution and ppv in one?

5. depending on your answer to #4, this might already be answered: can i integrate with other payment gateways other than paypal?