Pricing Setup for different subscription prices in 1 Access Level

There are 2 access levels for this association. LLA Member is the basic subscription and PDF Access is the enhanced subscription that gives members access to the PDF library. For each of these subscriptions, the amount that is paid is based on how many Properties are managed. I've enclosed screen shots of the new and renewal membership subscription levels. For instance, a new membership would pay $115.00 if they own 1-4 units, $150 if they own 5-14 units, etc. People self select the level so it's the honor system which is fine.
My question is - Do I need separate subscription plans for each price level? So for first year membership for instance, do I need to have 7 different subscriptions for the same access level? I currently have 2 primary levels we are using for this but not sure if that will work (see Access Levels screen shot). Or do I set up multiple levels with the Membership Levels section of each subscription? Thanks so much!