Pricing Table

Where can I preview the pricing table before it goes live?

  • Kirk Ward
    • Syntax Hero

    You can use a site wide search and replace to change text in it.

    Site Wide Search? How does I do dat? Is there only one to edit? Is it a ‘template’ or in the database?

    Once you select a site here you can view the payment table

    Select a site? Does the level the site is at matter?

    Cheers, wetabix and chex.

  • Kirk Ward
    • Syntax Hero

    you cant directly edit it as its templated but you can use a site wide search and replace to change text in it.

    I don’t think I had to edit the table. Primarily it was selecting the appropriate page template (full width), adding some on page css and creating a features tabe that allowed me to do what I wanted to do. Check out

    Personally though, I think you can find an easier way to handle the pricing table thing by having the system merely generate the payment buttons and allow the user to insert the buttons in a table of their choice, or in emails and promotions.

    I use a membership management software (Digital Access Pass) that does this very well for hundreds of products in dozens of configurations on another site I run. If you ever have time, you may want to check out their process for generating payment button links.

  • Kirk Ward
    • Syntax Hero

    Personally, I don’t want to have to create my own pricing table. I think your templates are a decent solution.

    That being said, there might be a lot of people who like to design their own stuff, which could probably be handled with a shortcode, which I also mentioned in another thread.

    Picture this scenario (which I might use mine own self), a shortcode that allows one, many or all levels to be shown could be used to create multiple designs.


    might show the full pricing table in a custom designed table or sales page, whereas

    <table><tr><td>[prositespricingtable show="0"]</td></tr>
    <tr><td>[prositespricingtable show="1"]</td></tr>
    <tr><td>[prositespricingtable show="2"]</td></tr>
    <tr><td>[prositespricingtable show="3"]</td></tr></table>

    might be a beatifully designed table with the buy button for each level showing in a single beautiful cell.

    The difference being that the first shortcode shows a full table at any place the shortcode sans parameters is shown, while the shortcode with “show” parameters only shows buy buttons, leaving it up to the site admin to create the cosmetic table.

    I have so advised.


    (LOL – Sound like a big time advisor type potentate there, huh?)

  • Kirk Ward
    • Syntax Hero

    Hmm… never heard of Tasty-O’s, keep discovering more foodstuffs in our discussions here. :slight_smile:

    I presume then that you have never heard of the true Southern delicacy known as Chitterlings then?

    I was in my 30’s before I found out it had an ‘er’ and an ‘ngs’ in it. I always thought it was chitlins.

    Scraped and boiled hog intestines. Sort of on a par with the Australian Vegemite. No sane person would eat either one unless they were totally desperate.

  • Kirk Ward
    • Syntax Hero

    Im considering going vegetarian for a while :smiley:.

    I might point out that Vegemite is an all vegetarian product. Main ingredient is brewer’s yeast.

    I have another plugin idea I want to discuss, but I think it is so good, I don’t want to post it publicly. I sent a contact form and got a response from a “Mike,” who didn’t give out any personal contact information, and I didn’t tell him what the idea was.

    If you’re interested, let me know a way to keep it out of the public eye. After I describe it, you can do or drop, no matter. I already have it from someone else, but it is bloated for my purposes, and the slimmer ones are overpriced. ($200-$300 product). Be nice to see if it fit in with your business model, or if you have one of these already (I haven’t seen it).

    Tasty Kakes to you all.

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey Kirk

    Here is the best way to do this. Open a new ticket here on the forums and ask the staff to mark it as internal. Once thats confirmed .. post the idea and have it marked as a feature request. At that point you can be sure only you or one of us can see the thread.

    That said Im not sure if we can turn that into a plugin unless its a REALLY GREAT idea. You see most of our new plugins need at least a few members voting for the idea, which cant happen here.

    Let me know if that works for ya.


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