Print Invoice/Packing Slip from MarketPress

Is there an easy way to print orders out as invoices or packing slips from MarketPress?

  • nickd32
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I’ve got clients who are requesting this as well. See the below email:

    We would love to have an actual invoice/packing slip we could include with our orders. Maybe this has already been created and we don’t know how to access it? When we log into our PayPal account there is an option but we haven’t been able to find one on our site and this is where we manage our orders.

    It would be great if we were able to print all the open order invoices at once instead of clicking on each one individually since we include these when we are packing all the orders. This would save us a lot of time and look more professional than the order (copy) we’ve been including.

    Also, if there was a way to convert all the open orders so we could directly print them onto address labels it would save us a lot of time as well. Should we tell you the address labels we are using?

    Since Paypal creates these already, couldn’t MP just pull them into the “manage orders” section?

  • Specialist
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I currently use Magento on our main site and it converts the orders into PDF format. If I check the boxes for a number of orders it batches them into a single, printable, pdf. We use sheets that have postage labels built in from Integrated Labels in the UKand they have a code snippet that can be used to get Magento to print the labels in the right place.

    We have Offline Payment method enabled and those orders once completed also print out fine, so it does not have to have access to the PayPal API at all. In fact it would print off PDF invoices if only Offline Payment was enabled.

    Might be worth talking to the people at Integrated Labels and their US equivalent because they seem to be integrating their labels with a number of other carts so I guess they might be helpful. You feed customers to them and vice versa.

  • Chris
    • The Bug Hunter

    As long as the customer fills in all their details, they’ll be stored in MarketPress. Once you want to start fishing out customer details from PayPal, that’s when it would get tricky.

    If option one was okay, it would be relatively easy to build a plugin for it, you’ve just got to pull those details out of the db, lay them up on a page and add a “print slip” link in the customer area.

    If I have time tomorrow, I may well attempt this, if you haven’t got there yet. *no promises*

  • henkvaness
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    The only reason why I don’t use Market Press for serious projects is the lack of invoice attachment (PDF).

    Overhere in Europe, you need to send one. It takes a lot of micromanagement to make a invoice by hand or manually extract stuff (not all payments are done with PayPal)

    I’m on the same page with hcgdiet here.

    Continuing my quest for good web shop software – and yes I would love to use Market Press for that.

  • sixthcore
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    We have a random work around this which may work for some of you but int he same way may leed to a feature suggestion.

    On our server infrastructure we enabled a function to copy all mails sent using the mail relay from an email address – back to that email address as a CC

    What this means is that when an order is placed the store management address gets the client side confirmations as well. This effectively allows the management team to select 15 -20 emails and print them off for inclusion in the outgoing packages.

    ________ HOWEVER __________

    We had to modify the layouts of the email confirmations to make them more like an invoice.


    Feature Suggestion:

    Invoice – emails to be sent to a designated email address. With a text field to include one specific to invoicing.

    +1 for any features of this kind.

  • Fee
    • Flash Drive


    but here in Germany there are even more things you have to consider, so this alone wouldn’t help in my case. our law says we have to

    – put a checkbox for Terms of Services in the checkout

    – put a text “Widerrufsbelehrung” (information of the right of cancellation) in the checkout, maybe there could be a custom textarea in the settings page, that would pull the text out on checkout? Best with a link to a page with the complete right info

    – put shipping price info next to the product info, best on product details, or finally in checkout process

    – put the text inclusive resp. exclusive tax ..% next to each price

    – and maybe some more

    huh, nice country, isn’t it :wink:

  • Fee
    • Flash Drive

    maybe interesting for the developers:

    Somebody is putting a lot of work in a special german shop plugin, not cheap but you can download a 14 days trial version, it has a pdf invoice with addon, too:

    with English language file:

    Maybe you want to have a look at it, to keep your “most powerful ecommerce / shopping cart plugin available for WordPress today – guaranteed” :wink:

  • Fullworks
    • The Bug Hunter

    I have just been looking at MarketPress, I was rather hoping it could be a serious store contender as an offering, but the first issue I noted was the very limited order management for the admin back-end.

    Packing slips & Invoice printing is a basic requirement.

    If your only gateway is something like paypal, you can just about get away with it manually on a low number of orders, but it isn’t scalable.

    So definitely, this is a requirement.

  • Sherry
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Yes, packing slips! How can you not have packing slips in Marketpress? I see it’s been requested heavily now for the last 3 or so years. Almost any store that sells physical products needs to generate packing slips. Any idea when this will become available?

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