Private an public Levels

Hello, I need attention here please…

This is really a concern, because I have 2 types of customers one of them are paypal customers (Internationals) and others are Venezuelan customers. The difference between them is the way they pay for the membership. The Internationals pay via paypal with a recurring method (quick, easy and automated) and the Venezuelan need to make a bank transfer or a bank deposit, then they have to submit their payment details so we can grant them access to the membership.

The Internationals will have a “serial” subscription because of the automated and recurring payments via paypal, but the Venezuelan need to have a “finite” subscription, because the access for them will be granted every time they make a bank transfer or a bank deposit (manual but we could handle).

Besides that If I set another levels and turn them “public” the International users will see those “extra and unwanted levels” under the register page.

I thought that if I create another payed levels for “finite” subscriptions I should be able to manually add new customers to this levels under “private”. I tried that but when I go to > all members and try to add them to this “private” level this level is not showing on the drop down menu.

This is my problem… Could you let me know how to fix this, avoid to show those new levels to the public and add those members manually via admin dashboard?, so I can manage those “serial” and “finite” subscriptions.

P.S: I set the new level “active” and “private” thinking that will avoid that level to be shown on the register page. Am I doing something wrong here?

Thankyou in advance!