Private chat like Facebook gives you

Chat works great but seems to be very public - unlike e.g. facebook where you can click on a friend's avatar and chat directly with them. Is this possible on a BuddyPress site with this chat plug-in?
Also what happens to all the chat logs - who gets to delete them? Can they be labelled with a name e.g. you could have a master class Q&A session that members could access later - but it would help to be able to give it a meaningful name.


    Hiya togethernet,

    Thanks for your questions. I've moved this thread over to 'feature requests and feedback' to see if anyone else is interested in your ideas here. I think the idea of a private chat has come up in the past but wasn't something a lot of members were looking for at the time.

    Although currently not built in, I'd love to hear from other folks on this. Is this something your interested in? Any +1s?

    Let us know and I'll ask the devs to monitor your feedback here



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