private classifieds & "Pending Review" status

I’m trying to understand what are private classifieds?

When, why and how do you use private classifieds?

I have noticed that after expired, classifieds become private. Why, and what am I supposed to do with it as admin (change it or leave it private)?

Although the following Capabilities Settings are checked for subscriber, the classifieds that became private are not displayed on subscriber “My Classifieds” page. Could you, please, explain the logic for that?

View private classifieds

Edit private classifieds

I have also noticed that classified that was edited by subscriber change status to “Pending Review“. (I set only this stratus on general settings).

Also new classified gets status of “Pending Review”.

The question is why subscriber doesn’t see classifieds with status of “Pending Review” on “My Classifieds” page”?