Private Communities within the Communities plugin


Just wondering are private communities viewable within the search option of the communities plugin?

I require the private communities not to be viewable by other users, unless invited.

  • Paul


    To clarify what PC wrote.

    Within the Communities listing there is not an 'invite' function where the community admin/owner can invite others to join. So the only way for users to see the available communities and join is via the search. So there is really no point of hiding the private communities. Otherwise you would end up with an empty community no one can join.

    So as PC wrote users can see the private communities via the search but will be required to enter a code in order to join.

    Maybe we will be adding an invite option. I like that idea. Then we could add the logic to hide selected communities from the search listing.

  • PC

    Hey Paul, thanks for chiming in :slight_smile:

    Andrew, you are most certainly welcome.

    Unfortunately we can not provide an ETA on the update as it really depends on a lot of factors to add/remove a feature from a plugin.

    I have however moved this to "Features and Feedback" section and sent a note to Paul so that we do not lose track of this thread and its on our todo list.

    Cheers, PC