Private Message Sent Box Not Storing Messages

My site works well in the community theme with the latest version of BP/WP, users can send and recieve messages, but when you go to the "sent" folder to see messages you've sent, there is nothing there. Also, what is "notices?" I'm knew to buddypress but not wordpress, so my apologies as I'm learning this. My url is I've modified the theme but nothing serious that I think would affect the private messages. Thanks, rg.

  • Tammie

    @rolandogomez: Hmm just tested this using the latest version of BuddyPress default theme and I got messages in my sent box. I also tested with Daily as you'd not said which theme. I also have attached a screenshot to show you what notices are. Think of them like global messages to all users. Where they appear depends on the theme my screenshot shows Daily.

    I will note using fire bug I see a javascript error on your theme - could this impact messages and the like - yes.

  • rolandogomez

    The theme is community, it was in the title box by default on this post when I clicked support, not sure why it didn't show up. The system does send and receive messages, that's not a problem, the problem is that it doesn't save the "sent" messages when you click on that link, it says none found.

    On the javascript, please help out a non-progammer/coder type. What error and what do I need to do to fix it, in layman's terms.

    On notices, how do I send them them to users on the community theme?

    Thanks, rg.

  • Tammie

    @rolandogomez: Lets get the javascript sorted first. It could be a large amount of things so this is usually my advice:

    1. Install and run firebug to see any javascript errors. Here is a guide to install, once done load your page and make sure on the script page then click refresh and you should get some indication of your error.

    2. If that just confuses or doesn't give you a hint 'what' take the brutal but easy option of turning off all plugins, widgets and adjustments then adding one by one until you have no javascript error in firebug again - that will tell you the culprit.

    Once we've got the error done we can move onto other analysis but best we do one thing at a time to avoid brain pain.

    Notices are easy just tick 'send all' or words to that effect.

  • rolandogomez


    I'm on a Mac machine, and even though I installed Firebug, watched videos and all, the panel on it is different then on the video. It doesn't give me the options to see the errors. I might add, this is a live site, I don't want to turn on/off extensions I don't have to as this killed me when I went from WP3 to WP3 multisite. Is it possible you tell me what the error is and how to fix it? I'm not a programmer and coder, and this is taking me hours and hours when it's just easier to tell me what to fix/do. Same happened to me on previous forum supports posts, while we got the problem solved, it took posts/messages to do something so simple that could have just been explained to me in the beginning.

    I know you want me to learn, but sometimes what you write is French to me, but if you say, "Hey, change A to B" instead of try this or that, then it's easier for me and then I figure out why I had to change A to B. Please, I need some help to get this working without further delays. I will catch on, but just taking time to learn the learning curve of Firebug, which the video screen/tutorial doesn't match what I see on a Mac machine. All help is appreciated. Thanks, rg.

  • Tammie

    @rolandogomez: I also use a mac only so that won't be why you don't see the same thing. If you look at this screenshot make sure firebug has these things configured it could be that. I can't tell you what to remove as don't know what you have installed as plugins and you can't expect me to know every plugin and their potential errors. What I am asking you to do is exactly the process I would do on a site. This is exactly why we always suggest you add plugins to a non live site then take it live once you know everything is set.

    Those tutorials are all done on a mac machine also that was why I linked without stating 'it's on a pc' or 'things may look different to you' as already understood you are only used to the mac environment. I understand you are frustrated but you can hardly say you've never been given steps I myself have not always told you to 'try yourself' and can cite if you require many posts where you got exact steps.

  • rolandogomez

    Ok, found that, my bat, think the video showed the pull down different from the current version of firebug, or it's lack of sleep :wink: Ok, I see this error, "Permission denied for <> to call method Location.toString on <>." but that seems to come from google adsense.

    I'm not sure what I'm looking for, and I'm not sure how that would stop from storing "sent' messages when all the rest of the private message system works just fine. The problem isn't the home page, it's when you click on sent messages and it says you don't have none. I can compose message, receive them, and see them in my inbox. But it doesn't "store" what was sent. rg

  • Tammie

    @rolandogomez: I still think this is something to do with javascript. I know you said you didn't want to but I'd strongly advise just temporarily removing all plugins, widgets and changes you did (if any) then seeing if it works without those and then adding in one by one. It may sounds drastic but it's a far quicker method of finding out what is wrong and getting on top of this for you. One thing.. you say 'see in inbox' well it would show in inbox of the sent person and sent of the one that sent it.

  • rolandogomez

    My problem is that

    1. If I send a message from me to say X, it works and it's in X's inbox, they can read it, I sent it.
    2. If X sends me a message, it works and I can read it in my inbox. No one has a problem sending or receiving messages. That works!
    3. However, if X and I go into our "sent" folders, there is no record of any messages sent. In other words, it's not "storing" any outgoing messages. Why is it not storing them?

    Not sure how front page javascript would affect this, especially when the error code I get is this"Permission denied for <> to call method Location.toString on <>." which sounds more like something to do with google adsense. I will try and turn that off later today and see if that works, it's just ads.

    That is the only error message I see. Thanks, rg.

  • Tammie

    @rolandogomez: As you have errors and javascript is used in emailing / messages I want to see a test without errors then we can see what is the issue if anything. As I have said before better to deal with a few things rather than lots. It's up to you if you do that or not but as I've said for a few posts now that is my advice. You are more than welcome to post another thread and see if anyone else has advice as I'm sure this is not theme related from my testing but again need to see on your site. To fully test that though again I would need to know what happens with no errors. As I have said on my set up with no plugins community works perfectly sending messages.

    To repeat again this is what should happen:

    1. You send a message - it shows in your sent list as you 'sent' it
    2. You receive a message - it shows in your inbox as you 'received' it

  • rolandogomez

    Ok, this is what I figured out, as I haven't seen those google java errors all day. I also upgraded to WP 3.0.1. I have obviously my admin account and at test user, test user is at base level, subscriber.

    Admin sends message to test user (Admin>>>Test) There is no record of the sent message in the admin account, user receives it just fine. User replies (Test>>>Admin) admin receives it just fine, still no record in admin sent box, but it shows up in the sent box of the test account. Admin replies back, (Admin, reply>>>Test) test account receives just fine, but still no record in admin sent box.

    Now, if we start fresh, this time test user sends to admin first, this is what happens:
    Test>>>Admin Admin receives it just fine, messages does show up in test sent account. Admin replies (Admin reply>>>Test), test receives just fine and believe it or not, it shows up in the admin sent box.

    So basically:
    1. Any message, original or reply from original originating from admin account, is not stored in the admin sent box. However, if admin replies to a message originated from another user, there IS record of it in admin sent box.
    2. Any message, original, reply from original, or reply to an original, is stored in regular accounts. Regular (non-admin) are not having any problems with storing sent messages, receiving or composing originals. All user accounts working properly, only admin "originated" messages and return replies to those messages are not stored in admin's sent box--but they are stored, in the test account the minute the test account replies--just not admin account.

    I hope that makes sense, it's an admin "originating" message issue, bug.
    Matrix Admin/User Messages:

    Originates From___Admin Receives___Admin Sent Box Stored___User Receives___User Sent Box Admin_____________N/A________________NO____________________YES___________YES__

    User replies from
    Admin Original______YES_______________NO____________________YES____________YES__

    Admin replies from
    Admin Original after
    User Replies________N/A________________NO____________________YES____________YES__

    Admin replies from
    User Original_______YES_______________YES___________________YES_____________YES__

    User replies from
    User Original after
    Admin replies______YES_______________YES___________________YES_____________YES__

    Seems to be a bug, I tried logging in as admin/user on Safari, then on Firefox to see if it was browser issues and the problem existed on both browsers. The good thing, this is not a user issue, it's an admin sent box issue--but only if the originator is the admin. I hope that helps. Thanks, rg.

  • Tammie

    @rolandogomez; Ok just so I understand we're on the same page I've attached a screenshot and will ask you to confirm my testing steps.

    1. Activated community
    2. Sent message to user when logged in as admin
    3. Message showed up in sent box (see screenshot)

    You are saying on your system this doesn't work though? I am asking for confirmation as either I'm being amiss on a step here or I can't replicate outside of your setup and will need to get a second opinion as a result.

    This bit I don't think would show in admin box though..

    User replies (Test>>>Admin) admin receives it just fine, still no record in admin sent box, but it shows up in the sent box of the test account.

    Why would it show in admin as it's not been sent from them? I agree that the steps I have tested should be valid though.

  • rolandogomez

    See my chart in previous post, when admin sends message to test account, test account receives just fine and can reply, but admin has no record in his sent box and when test account replies back, admin still has no record in their sent box but receives message and can reply just fine, but the test account does record of it in their sent box once they reply back--remember, this was originated by admin, not test account.

    The kicker is this, if the original message originates from test account to admin, test account does have copy of it in their sent box and when admin replies, admin has record in their sent box---it's only messages originated by admin that are not stored in admin's sent box. If admin replies to anyone else and DID NOT originate the message, admin WILL HAVE a copy in their sent box.

    Only messages originating from admin are not stored if admin started the chain---if admin replies, did not start message chain, then admin will have copies in their box. I hope that helps, that's why I made the previous chart.

    I'll be happy to give you my admin keys and test account keys, seriously. Thanks, rg.

  • justvinnie

    Here are some issues and solutions I've discovered with this issue.

    First off, the timing is off. I'm not sure if this has been covered with a different post but I'll say it again if it has.

    There are issues with sending and receiving messages via the time stamp. Before I found the solution, I would send a message to someone in NY (I'm in CA) and they would receive it. If someone from NY sent me a message, I wouldn't receive it for 3 hours.

    I found the solution here.

    Problem 2.

    So far, I have discovered that both Firefox and Safari cannot see any messages in the message folder. The header of the Message page shows but not the body content. Via Internet Explorer, the messages show fine. When I use Firefox, it's blank. Try looking at those pages using IE, I bet you'll see them.

    As far as a solution? I don't have one yet.

  • Tammie

    @rolandogomez: Did you try like Aaron suggested creating a new admin and user?

    @justvinnie: Hmm I'd suggest could you look at Aaron's suggestions to see if those work for you?

    To me it is not a theme issue. Try repairing these db tables:

    Also can you try creating a different admin user and test user and see if the issue still exists? I want to confirm it's not just some weird permissions issue with that admin user.

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