Pro Site Account History Issues

Is this how the site behaves, as shown in the screenshot.

1) The Site title is shown under the subscriber information, and other sites could also have the same title, which could confuse the user.

2) If the coupons are used, the default pro sites level price($29) is shown as received.

3) The payments dates are different in the Account history, and the last payment date listed under Subscription Information.

  • Nithin

    Hi Ben,

    I was able to notice all the 3 points raised in your screenshot, in my system too. Regarding #1, seems like it's the default workflow, and the site title is what that's used by the plugin. Will bring your observation made on this to our developer, so that it would be considered down the road.

    #2, I was able to replicate the same in my system, and could see that it can be a bit confusing when a coupon is used, and the Account History is showing the price of the pro site level, instead of the discounted price. I'm bringing this into the developers attention so that they could give a closer look at this, and get this sorted in a new release.

    Regarding 3#, seems like customer.subscription.updated web hook is what that gets fired when billing period ends, however, I'm not sure, why there is a delay in your site when it comes to firing other hooks, like "invoice.payment_succeeded".

    The dates displayed in the above screenshot, is related to when customer.subscription.updated hook is fired, I'll have to consult this with the developer, to see why there is a delay in firing the week hooks to have a better idea, regarding what could be causing this.

    Will keep you posted once I get a feedback regarding this from the developer asap. Have a nice day ahead. :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

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