Pro Site API problem

Hi all,

I have a big problem with Paypal express / Pro site.

I did some research since yesterday, but not found…

I have paypal express configured on pro-site with 2 levels, with API informations inside.

(username, password, signature)

Pro site is on the mode “paypal express, not Pro”, and plugin Bulk upgrade not activated.

Wen i make a payment himself with my own IP (similar to my actual connexion on Paypal) on a Blog (not in admin mode), all is OK an done ! Payment granted, level extented…

(in live mode or sandbox)

When another user of a Blog want to make a payment, he have :

” There was a problem setting up the Paypal payment:

»You do not have permissions to make this API call »

Please try again. “

Also, i have “IPN” activated on Paypal.

Paypal historic give me good informations with my own granted tests.

No informations about members failures…

My email adress is verified on Paypal, Business acount, API signature actived.

I talk about IP’s because it’s my “feeling” about the problem after some testings.

On WordPress debuggin mode i can’t test this, because i can’t join the Paypal Payment Page on debugging mode.

I have “cube points” plugin activated too.

(the problem is not solved if i unactivate cubepoints)

Have you an idee ?

Thank you,


(sorry about my poor english, i’m french) :slight_frown: