Pro Site bug/feature request/report

Hi Admins!

I was told by ash to create another post in regards to reporting bug/features for prosites so here goes:

1. Auto-Activation for premium plugin module does not work
2. Trial activation status does not change even when manually extending pro status.
3. Current version 'feature' table CSS is off.

Feature Request:
1. Auto-deactivation premium plugin module (as well as for themes)
2. More customization for /pro-site page. It would be great if you have a cusommizer like system.
3. Payment Gateway systems - more required, and also manual payments need to be more customizable.

I'm sure there's more in the community that either has bug/features you want to reports. So i'll start a summary here.

+1 for any feature you want to see OR let me know if you have any bugs you have found!