Pro Site code queries for the devs

Howdy devs,

I just have a few questions about the prosite.php code, as I am trying to integrate it with the Gravity forms user registration addon multisite functions.

$_POST['psts_signed_up'] is for if the form has the free trial option on the signup page

$_POST['psts_signed_up_override'] is for if the link to the signup page like this: wp-signup.php?pro-site=1

psts_levels_select would be used to set the package level.

And are the values of the package level the same as those displayed through out the ProSite options areas. E.g. 0 - Ads Removed (Upgraded), 1 - Premium, 2 - Platinum

Are record_transaction and psts_payments_log use to tell Pro Site that a subscription has been pay for.

Thanks in advance,