Pro Site didn't upgrade

Hi Team,

The new Pro Site plugin is and it works fine.

But the last time the website didn't upgrade to the next level.

This is what happened:
- The website was extended to 17 nov manual by me
- On 16 nov she upgrades her website. she pays by paypal
- On 17 nov, paypal says: the payment is ok

- but her website didn't upgrade to the next level: "Zakelijk"

Do you know why? This is the screenshot:

Thank you in advance, Stijn

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Stijn,

    Looking at the message in the log there, it does say "first payment will be made on 17 November..." which indicate the payment has not been taken yet.

    Once the actual payment goes through they'll receive access right away. Basically though, I believe your manual extension entailed they had an active Pro status at the time they subscribed, so the charge didn't go through right at that point. It basically schedules it to go through once their existing membership expires.

    That said, it sounds like it should go through now, I believe at 3:27:27 PM server time as that's the recorded time of the subscription modification, though it could also be at the time of the original subscription creation.

    In any case, it should go through within the day, possibly very soon. Have you checked on that since your post here was created?


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