Pro Site is not Mobile Responsive!


I have a multisite website that I'm working on. I'm an avid user of Divi.

Anyone out there using Divi with pro-sites? There's not enough examples out there to showcase pro-sites. Please don't say edublogs! Edublogs is a custom setup and NOT EVEN using pro-sites at all.

My main issue right now is the fact that pro-site is not mobile responsive. This boggles my mind as to why it's not mobile responsive. It's 2018! I just got done setting the pricing tables and I noticed it looked terrible on mobile. I'm trying to work on it but don't really have that much experience with media queries yet.

So anyone out there with experience on this matter? I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue. I'm really trying to make pro-sites work since it has some functionality I really need without having to code it.