pro-site - network activare - edit sites Plugin site control

Ok -- I have been trying to understand how to control plugins for over a year now -- and I am more confused than I was on the first day --
I can't beleive that I am the only one who is confused on this matter -- A detailed writeup on how all these modules interface and act would be great --

i do not know if I just do not know what I am doing, is there a bug, is there a setting I am not aware of???? what is the deal --LOL

I have prosites -- and I have certain plugins stated for each level --
and I understand all the plugins for levels below the stated level will also be included -- for instance level 1 - has p1, p2, p3
level 2 has p5,p6,p7,p8 specified ---

If I go to level 1 -- only p1 p2 p3 should show up -- and any plugins not assigned a level

when I go to level 2 -- p5,p6,p7,p8 should all be in the plugins plus p1, p2, p3 --- This is not happening

Then you have the plugins area where you network activate -- on not

Then you can go to the bottom of edit site and suppossedly overide all of the above ---

OK - my test site -- I have set to my 2nd level --- when I go to that sites dashboard plugins --- it shows every plugin that is not network activated --

then I am not sure what the edit sites does -- because it has no way to deactive a plugin -- only a way to enable plugins and all of them are not stated ---

Can anyone explain to me the logic flow -- the pseudo code logic for the what plugins are activated, what plugins should appear, activated or not activated where and when

I am so tired of fighting with this issue