pro-site - network activare - edit sites Plugin site control

Ok -- I have been trying to understand how to control plugins for over a year now -- and I am more confused than I was on the first day --
I can't beleive that I am the only one who is confused on this matter -- A detailed writeup on how all these modules interface and act would be great --

i do not know if I just do not know what I am doing, is there a bug, is there a setting I am not aware of???? what is the deal --LOL

I have prosites -- and I have certain plugins stated for each level --
and I understand all the plugins for levels below the stated level will also be included -- for instance level 1 - has p1, p2, p3
level 2 has p5,p6,p7,p8 specified ---

If I go to level 1 -- only p1 p2 p3 should show up -- and any plugins not assigned a level

when I go to level 2 -- p5,p6,p7,p8 should all be in the plugins plus p1, p2, p3 --- This is not happening

Then you have the plugins area where you network activate -- on not

Then you can go to the bottom of edit site and suppossedly overide all of the above ---

OK - my test site -- I have set to my 2nd level --- when I go to that sites dashboard plugins --- it shows every plugin that is not network activated --

then I am not sure what the edit sites does -- because it has no way to deactive a plugin -- only a way to enable plugins and all of them are not stated ---

Can anyone explain to me the logic flow -- the pseudo code logic for the what plugins are activated, what plugins should appear, activated or not activated where and when

I am so tired of fighting with this issue

  • Vaughan

    Hi @mindset,

    Hope you're well, other than the headache from this plugin.

    Network activated plugins will never show in the subsites dashboard because they are network activated, they can't be disabled for specific sites.

    you can use this plugin to control access to those though.

    If you are logged in as a super-admin, you will see all the plugins in the subsite plugins page.

    Have you tried logging in as the subsite admin (not as a super-admin)


  • mindset

    That plugin will not work with either the pro-sites or membership plugin -- I forget which one --
    I already spent months of wasted time going down that road --

    Logged on as super admin is the issue ---- I keep forgetting that fact --
    this same issue caused me months of lost effort and testing time --
    Because it does not say anywhere that as superadmin -- everything displays ---
    or at least I have never seen it ---

    all of my main sites were owned by the superadmin ---
    and months ago I had to go back and reset ownerships of everything ---
    which was a pain in the ass to do -- and I just forgot the painful lesson -- (I am slow to recognize pain LOL)

    Now I have about 30 more sites owned by super admin and that is what I am testing with ---
    is there an easy way to change a sites ownership for superadmin to a different site admin login

    Thank you so much for pointing that out

    Last time I had this issue - it took about 2 weeks and dozens of tickets before someone asked me that question

    so thanks

  • mindset

    ok -- I logged into a site -- with the site admin ---- it is a copper plus which is my lowest level --

    Yet it also has all the plugins listed in plugins but on many -- it says level sites only and no way to activate --

    yet other plugins say activate | Plus platinum only -- which is 3 levels above this site and should not be available and it allows it to be activated

    and there are several like that --


    Another side issue --

    When I create a new site --- How come it automatically assigns it pro site status of my mid level -- rather than a free level status?

    I have to admit this is the first time I have ever seen these screens in over a year of working with this software --- if this is described somewhere -- I would love to know where --- I thought I have read everything on your site and every manual -