Pro Site new user/site setup error

I setup Word Press MU, (edited config uploaded edited files etc.) added the Pro Sites plugin. Setup everything that was needed to be setup. The error I get is when I go to the new user/site IE the web page does not load not even a 404 error page. It is as if that site does not exist on the network or server. Even from the activation email that is sent and I click the link to activate account I get an error.

Any tips of trouble shooting or possible step I may have missed in order to fix this problem?

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    Hello @Pyroman64

    Greetings and thanks for your post.

    Welcome to WPMU DEV.

    That is most likely due to the incorrect installation of WordPress multisite.

    I will advise you to first deactivate all the plugins.

    Then test if your multisite is working fine or not.

    If its not working, please ensure that you have followed all the steps of multisite installation correctly ( and the Wildcard domains are setup correctly. Mostly it's the wildcard dns which is not working correctly and causes the problem. You can also take help from your web host to get wildcards setup on your site.

    Please let me know how your test goes.

    Cheers, PC

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    Restarted from scratch about 3 times and finally figured out that my hosting provider does not support sub-domain wildcard with shared hosting. The hosting company has been good to me for well over 15 years so no worries. This was a user error (my fault). So I moved one site to a new hosting provider to try to setup the Word Press Multi-user and the rest of the other WPMU Dev plugins. New hosting company uses Cpanel old company (meaning the hosting company that did not support wildcard for sub-domains) used a custom or one they built themselves control panel for web hosting.

    Got everything to work out just fine now. So lesson learned is - Make sure that you cover all your bases and check if your hosting provider may not support even the smallest commonly missed detail.

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