Pro Site not enabling new site creation correctly when using Paypal


Hope Support can help me with these Pro Site issues as soon as possible as I need to get it resolved urgently.

My Multisite is

It is a new site and I have only enabled WPMUDEV plugins. So there should not be plugins conflicts.

1. Before enabling Pro Site, I have tested new sites creation on my Multisite website. Everything works perfectly, with emails received. The other plugins enabled were New Blog Template and Multi Theme Manager. Everything works perfectly.

2. Then I enabled Pro Site and created the price levels. However when I tried registering for a new site and made my payment via Paypal, although I was stepped through the entire Paypal process and brought back to my website with the login details, I encountered the following:

i. There was no new site created. The URL shown on the screen was the Multisite URL. There was no new sub-directory site created. See attached file.

ii. There was also no record of transaction in my Paypal account although Paypal took me through the whole agreeing process and submission of payment and brought me back to the website with the login details.

iii. Although the information on the screen said I will receive an email, there was no emails received after many, many hours. Not in spam folder too.

3. Next, I tested my Paypal credentials (APIs, secret keys) on another Multisite website using woo commerce subscription plugin, it works perfectly. Transactions deducted, emails, etc. This confirms there is no issue with my Paypal.

4. Then I tested Pro Site Plugin on another Multisite website using Paypal payment. I get the same results as 2 above. No new sites, no Paypal transactions, no emails received.

5. So I decide to test Pro Site without payment.

(i)I tested the Pro Site with the free sign-up by clicking on 'No thanks, I will go with a free account for now' — It works successfully. A new sub-directory site is successfully created and emails are received.

(ii)Next I tested the Pro Site with a $0.00 level using Paypal payment — This time I encountered the same result as 2. No sub-directory new site, no email received.

(ii)Just to be sure, I tested the Pro Site with a $0.00 level using Paypal payment on another Multisite website– I encountered the same result as 2. No sub-directory new site, no email received.

6. Finally, I decide to try out Pro Site with Stripe payment — Now, there is a new sub-directory site successfully created. Please see attached file. However, there is still NO email received.

With the above, I conclude that:

– once I click on a Level sign-up, there will not be any returning emails.

– with Paypal, the creation of new sites are never successful.

– the paypal transaction is probably not successful since there is no record of transaction. Yet, that entire process appear to be successful as it could lead the user back to the website with login details as seen in my attached files.

Can you please advise how I can resolve the above problem with Paypal and Prosite as well as the missing emails with Paypal and Stripe.

I have granted Admin access for Support. Hope to hear from you soon.