Pro Site not forcing http leaving checkout

I am still having an issue with pro site forcing https when clicking to checkout page but the entire site remains https when leaving checkout page. ive tried forcing ssl on the entire site but then triggers a site unsecure warning when users are logging in.

would it be best to force ssl just on the checkout page or add a wildcard ssl for https for all pages, admins and subdomains?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello rc1,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I understand that you're considering adding SSL certification for your entire network but are not sure. In my opinion: go for it. The wild-card SSL certificate would

    - allow you to force traffic over https:// for your main site and all sub-sites of your network
    - secure your site and all the data (e.g. logins and passwords) exchange between user browser and sites
    - most likely it would even slightly affect Google ranking for your sites (positively) over time as Google officially admits that SSL protected sites are preferred over insecure sites.

    However, there's one additional issue to consider and that is whether you're using mapped domains on your setup or not (e.g. with our Domain Mapping plugin). That's because regular wild-card certificate will cover only an original (main) domain and all its sub-sites but not mapped 3rd-party domains.

    There's hover solution for this as well. One way is to use multi-domain SSL cert and another (if your host supports it but fortunately that's more and more common) simply use regular wild-card certificate as a base and then add additional certificates (regular single domain certs) for mapped domains. As long as your server is able to handle this, both WordPress and Domain Mapping (and - as a result - Pro Sites) will do.

    Best regards,

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