Pro-site page errors/design problems

Hi Admins!

Having a few queries into the pro-site generated page. I was wondering if i could get any help from this.

1. Js error - i've been getting js error upon trying to renew the plan. It somehow related to the period selector? I'm only selling in in years not months.

2. Tables - I was wondering how do i edit this? I know you can change the colour and what not from the config page in network, however, how do i change padding and spacing? will this be through CSS, and if so could point me int he right direction?

3. Sign up portion - very similar problem to the previous one, I need a way to custom the spacing/padding and kind of edit the all the alignments. Its kinds terrible at the moment, could you point me in the right direction on this one too?

Thanks in advance!
Have a good one.