Pro-site question

When someone goes to my seller membership page it doesn't show the choices of becoming a member. It has them signing up first. I don't want that.

The attachment shows what I want it to look like, minus this Level:
Expire Date: May 30, 2012 ( How do I change this?) Please give step by step details.

I also need to know if I am having chained payments do I need to also have PayPal express Pro activated with my application ID?

My site is like an ETSY site. I will have members register to sell their items on my site. They will list their own items to sell. When their item sells I will make a percentage of their sales.

Please tell me what my next steps are. I received my PayPal Application ID after 40 days! Now I need to move on. I need input on what to do next, please look at my site to tell me.